Rasheeda Saleem


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Hello, my name is Rasheeda Saleem. I am a Realtor who understands the power of building relationships. For me it’s not just about getting my clients to the closing table, but more so building a relationship and getting to know who my clients truly are.  You are more than likely able to catch me with a smile my face maintaining a positive attitude. I truly love me

I am proud to say that I have 7 years’ experience as a property casualty adjuster. As a property adjuster my job consist of assisting homeowners with their home losses. Licensed in 50 states, I was responsible of understanding what each homeowner’s policy provided as well as excluded. Speaking to each insured and handling each claim as if it was my only claim was a task I always completed. Listening to each insured and understanding what their needs were, all while differentiating each individual insured, was how I maintained my exceptional customer service. I did this all while negotiating with contractors and writing repair estimates.

Why real estate? The conversation of real estate came up several times in my career as a property adjuster. I often came across many people who either just purchased a home and filing a claim for a loss that would later not be covered. Their loss would not be covered because they were filing a claim for preexisting damages. I would also come across those homeowner’s who would be in a race to file a claim prior to their closing date for damages that were long term or stemmed from wear and tear. Those type of claims were also not covered under their homeowner’s policy. Of course, this would upset the insured, but after speaking to me, they had a clear understanding on how their policy worked.  I thought it would be wonderful to assist homeowners or future homeowners list or purchase their homes. I mean it just made sense to me. Why not help identify preexisting damages to my client purchasing a home or why not help my client who is listing their home understand what the policy would cover and not cover prior to them attempting to fling a claim.

My biggest take a way, that attributes to real estate, would be my negotiation skills, being able to listen to customers needs and wants, and explaining contracts/documents just as I would if it were a homeowner’s policy. Working with others and coming up with solutions to solve problems is what I absolutely love to do. I understand the value of one’s greatest investment no matter the size. If you are choosing me as your realtor, I will definitely get to the closing table. I will not only meet expectations, but I will exceed them. Give me a call!


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